EMSE, which is the solution partner of strong brands such as Turkish Airlines (THY) Anadolu Jet and Pegasus, makes significant contributions to the development of domestic aviation with products such as Self-Service Check-in Kiosks, Baggage Delivery Devices, Digital Call Systems with its investments in passenger automation systems.

EMSE: Fast and Flexible Solutions for the Aviation Industry
EMSE, improves customer experience and adds value to businesses with special solutions developed for the aviation industry.

Our devices, which are entirely the work of Turkish engineers, are manufactured in accordance with international quality standards. Design, software, installation and service processes are carried out entirely using domestic resources.

Aviation automation systems produced by EMSE are used in 18 airports in our country, especially Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Esenboğa Airport.

Emse has over 40 years of experience in engineering design, electromechanical manufacturing, software development and support services.

EMSE manufactures civil aviation automation devices under QUAVIS (Qualified Aviation Solutions), its brand in the aviation sector.

EMSE's product range includes self-service check-in kiosks and bag drop systems (automatic process of sending baggage to the aircraft without going through the counter), mobile check-in, pay-n-pass, rush tagger (Emergency boarding machine), digital volume measurement and digital survey devices, interactive video kiosk, queue call systems and special purpose devices.

Quavis has IATA (International Air Transport Association) approved strategic partner authorization in the self-service shared use group.

Self Service Kiosk Applications in Aviation Industry

Kiosk devices produced by EMSE are electronic systems that enable passengers to perform routine flight operations performed by the airline companies' own personnel. In this way, both time is saved and costs are saved.

Passengers can register their flights by entering ticket details using Kiosk devices or by scanning the barcode on the ticket. In this way, passengers can perform their transactions quickly and easily without the need to wait at flight registration counters, especially during peak hours.

Passengers can complete the check-in process and print their boarding passes using touch screen Kiosk devices.
Passengers have the opportunity to print and label their own luggage tags via our Self-Service Check-in Kiosk devices.

Reservation changes can also be made via kiosk devices. This is important in terms of providing faster solutions to passengers in case of problems such as flight disruptions (cancelations and delays).

Our check-in kiosks support different language and passport reading options.

Emse's Self Bag Drop device 'Fast Bag', which puts an end to baggage queues and the problem of lost baggage at airports, allows passengers to deliver their baggage on their own at airports without any staff support.

Technical specifications of the Fast Bag device

  • Thanks to the barcode reader on the device, passengers can identify themselves to the system using their boarding passes.
  • Thanks to the passport and ID card reader on the device, passengers can also use the device using their credentials.
  • Each process can be recorded securely with a camera upon request.
  • Passengers can easily perform their transactions using the touch screen.
  • Thanks to the sensors on the device, passenger baggage weight information is precisely detected and transferred to the system.
  • Thanks to the 2-station belt on the device, the luggage is transferred to the conveyor in a fully controlled manner.
  • The durability of the devices is increased thanks to the metal housing made of stainless steel.
  • Thanks to the customizable software, additional enhancements can be added to the device on demand.

Multi-Dimensional Communication with LiveGate

As EMSE, we attach great importance to R&D studies. We continue our efforts to be a pioneer in innovative technologies, to solve sectoral demands quickly and to provide customers with a better travel experience. In this sense, our new generation devices produced under the name LiveGate in the aviation sector serve as Information Kiosks. With LiveGate, which has voice, text and video communication, we make people's lives easier and lighten the workload of businesses.

LiveGate features to make life easier;

  • With the push of a button, passengers can start a video call with the airport assistant.
  • It offers personalized service in the language and expertise desired by the user.
  • Provides information to the hearing and visually impaired by creating a channel of mutual empathy.
  • It provides the advantage of making all digital or teller transactions of the organization.
  • Passengers can instantly learn flight information (gate, flight, date, time, class) and be directed to their flights.
  • The user or agent can exchange documents in their possession.
  • Unlike classic Information kiosks, it offers real-time live video conferencing.

EMSE: Innovative Technologies in the Aviation Industry

Civil aviation automation devices designed and manufactured by EMSE are:

  • Self service check-in kiosk
  • Self-service baggage claim unit
  • Portable airport boarding automation and baggage labeling devices
  • Digital passenger survey system
  • Excess baggage payment device at the counter
  • Electronic audio and video information unit for airports
  • You can contact us to meet EMSE quality, improve the service quality of your business and offer the best experience to your customers.