EMSE Engineering Inc. was founded in 1980 in Ankara under the leadership of Muslu OĞUZ. Offering innovative solutions focused on engineering and R&D, EMSE develops automation products used in the banking and aviation sectors with domestic and national resources and offers them to its customers.

EMSE Queue Call Systems for a Better Customer Experience
Queue Call Systems produced by EMSE are used in many places, especially banks, hospitals, municipalities and government institutions. Our Queue Call Systems, which offer a better customer experience and provide brands with a competitive advantage, are exported to more than 30 countries and are preferred by many local and foreign institutions / organizations. Among the countries we export to are European countries such as Germany, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Moldova, Germany, France, Bulgaria, Latvia, Russia, Estonia, Moldova and Arab countries such as United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Egypt, Egypt, Qatar, Jordan, Kuwait, Oman, Morocco, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Sudan and Tunisia.

Time Saving Solutions for the Aviation Industry
EMSE Engineering is a brand that has broken new ground in the aviation sector and has become the pride of our country in this field with new investments. Check-in kiosks and self Bag Drop kiosks designed and manufactured by EMSE are used extensively at Istanbul Airport, Sabiha Gökçen Airport and Esenboğa Airport, as well as at 18 airports in different provinces of Turkey and Ercan (Cyprus) Airport.

With check-in kiosks, passengers can now perform the process on their own without the need to go to the check-in counter, print the boarding pass and make their seat selection. Check-in kiosks, which save on personnel costs, enable customers to have a more comfortable travel experience, increasing the brand reputation of businesses and building customer loyalty.

EMSE Engineering, which developed the first self-service baggage delivery device in Turkey, enables passengers to perform their luggage delivery operations themselves. In addition to airport check-in kiosks, EMSE has also developed the bag mobile model of these kiosks and brought innovative solutions to our country in this sector with its credit card fast payment system, customer satisfaction airport security and passenger identification systems.

EMSE, which continues its expertise in the field of Airport Passenger Automation Systems with its R&D studies, also meets the demands from abroad in this field. The software used in the devices, which are produced at a lower cost compared to foreign competitor brands, is also produced by EMSE engineers.

EMSE, which has achieved significant success in the field of civil aviation passenger automation systems in Turkey with the support of Turkish Airlines, one of its business partners and the pride of our country, is currently the only Turkish company that produces, sells and exports in this field. It is a registered solution partner authorized by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for civil aviation automation.

We Develop Innovative Technologies
EMSE offers innovative solutions that combine 40 years of experience and knowledge with technology with its management team and employees. The design, software and production process of the products, which are completely designed by Turkish engineers and personnel, are also manufactured, assembled and serviced by expert staff. EMSE, which has made a name for itself with the products it has developed for the aviation sector especially in recent years, has also supported the revival of tourism and our country to generate more income in this field by facilitating flight operations.

As an engineering and R&D organization, EMSE's standard products include queue management systems, kiosks, electronic message boards, nurse call systems and digital information displays.

EMSE develops innovative products in the field of aviation. In this sense, it has 6 different products related to aviation, including QVista and EmseQ (Queue Management System), LiveGate kiosk brand, QUAVIS (Passenger Automation Systems), Check-in Kiosk, Self Bag Drop, Mobile Check-In Kiosk, PayNPass, VoteBook and Rush Tagger.

EMSE's clients include domestic aviation companies such as Turkish Airlines and Pegasus, as well as Turkey's largest banks such as Ziraat Bank, Halkbank, Anadolubank, Türk Telekom, Vakıf Katılım Bank, Ziraat Katılım Bank, Şekerbank and Vakıfbank.

EMSE employs a total of 72 people, including 12 engineers, 49 technical staff, 7 administrative staff and 4 ancillary services, and this number is increasing day by day. EMSE exports to more than 30 countries including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Germany, Qatar, Morocco, Tunisia, Jordan, Kuwait, Bahrain, Kazakhstan, Georgia and Sudan.

All of EMSE's products are the work of Turkish engineering and workmanship in design, software and production, and the company has no foreign dependency. With its vision extending from the past to the future, EMSE continues to work to inspire local entrepreneurs, to provide more comfortable technological services to the people of our country and to add new ones to its success stories.