The use of kiosks is becoming more and more widespread in the marketplace, such as grocery stores, supermarkets, banking institutions, universities, restaurants, public and private companies, entertainment centers, pharmacies, etc. Kiosk is the perfect solution wherever you need to provide information, advertising and marketing services at a consistently low cost.

Info Kiosks are computer-like devices placed in public places to give people access to products and services. One of the most important uses of these kiosks is to provide information and guidance about the services or products offered at the desired location.


An info kiosk is a system that delivers necessary information in public places. It is a locked touchscreen computer where users can navigate a website or custom application to find the information they need, complete transactions, enter required data and more. This system not only provides more efficient customer service, but also analyzes daily customer service work for better corporate performance. The information kiosk system is very flexible and is suitable in areas where there are a large number of customers and act as a salesperson. This system provides information that customers are looking for or that is useful to them. For the convenience of visitors, it presents information about points of interest, popular places, local attractions and more.

Advantages of Using Info Kiosks

Information kiosks have many uses and many benefits. The great flexibility of kiosks to design and adapt them for different uses has turned this tool into a useful economic potential for today's businesses. The key advantages of information kiosks are:

Increasing employee productivity: Answering the same questions several times a day, although necessary, is tiring even for the most patient person. In this way, employees who spend most of their time answering customers can use their time to do other productive things. On the other hand, using information kiosks and reducing the number of repetitive and boring tasks for employees will increase job satisfaction and productivity.

Reduction in costs:One of the main advantages of using an interactive information kiosk is the reduction of costs. You don't need to hire a large number of employees for the customer service department, and since your employees will have more limited tasks, they can focus more on them. Reducing wages means reducing costs. On the other hand, the information kiosk does not need rest, it can work for you 24 hours a day.

Fast Customer Service: Customer service is essential to the successful operation of a business. Whether the information a customer needs is a guide to the right direction of a store or guidance on how to use a company's services, an information kiosk provides instant access to information. Customer service employees can also answer the occasional question. This way the customer will be more satisfied, and a satisfied customer is a customer who buys from you.

Active Interaction: An interactive information kiosk can draw the attention of your potential customers to your service or product by offering them a shopping experience and providing them with an attractive environment. The more time a customer spends getting to know your product or service, the more willing they are to buy. Also, providing complete information will gain customer trust. Thus, digital kiosks can increase your revenue while reducing overhead costs.

Customer behavior analysis: When a customer or visitor uses an information kiosk, the kiosk can store certain information. While some information may be taken from the cash register or requested from the customer service department, the information provided by the kiosk is accurate and complete. This type of information is invaluable as it can help you know the strengths and weaknesses of your business and help you take steps to increase revenue. While many companies spend significant amounts of money collecting customer behavior data through surveys and questionnaires or other methods, the information kiosk provides this information without stopping customers and asking them questions.

Ideal advertising opportunity: The widespread use of information kiosks in different areas has attracted the attention of many people. This makes the information kiosk an ideal advertising opportunity.  The business that owns the kiosk can take advantage of the kiosk's readiness to display advertisements, or even rent these devices to other businesses for advertising.

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