In a rapidly changing world with the impact of technology, it has become a necessity for businesses to realize the services they offer to their customers more easily and quickly. Developing innovative and technology-oriented products, EMSE has taken its place among Turkey's most successful entrepreneurial brands with its digital automation systems developed for businesses.

Adding Value to the Aviation Industry!
We are the first company in Turkey to develop devices such as kiosks and mobile check-in counters for the aviation industry. Designed by 100% Turkish engineers and personnel, our products meet international quality standards.

With our Self-Service Check-in kiosks, passengers now have the freedom to quickly print their boarding pass and choose their seat without waiting in line at the airport.

Aviation automation systems produced by EMSE are used in 18 airports, especially Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gökçen Airport. All our products are developed with flexible software solutions and devices can be customized according to the needs of our business partners.

In addition to domestic airline companies such as Turkish Airlines, Anadolu Jet and Pegasus, we export these devices to many countries around the world.  We continue to produce new technologies by taking into account customer needs with our constantly renewed product range.

EMSE: Address of Quality in Sequential Systems
We are Turkey's leading brand in the queue management kiosk device market used in banks and hospitals. Our products are used in more than 32 countries and attract great interest. Emse Queue Call Systems redefine the customer experience and help you gain a competitive advantage.
Emse Call Systems offers an ideal solution for banks, telecom service centers, health centers, immigration offices, government agencies, hospitals, retail trade companies, airline offices, embassies and organizations with heavy queues. Among the institutions that prefer us in the field of queue management kiosks are Turkey's largest banks, important government agencies and companies such as İşkur and Türk Telekom.

Producing the most efficient queue call systems for your customers, EMSE is a seamless customer experience platform designed to set you apart from your competitors. Thanks to Qvista, the heart of Emse Call Systems, Emse Call Systems can monitor real-time branch analytics and dynamic customer reports, while providing insights and answers for customer behavior.

Emse Queue Management Systems ensure that customers experience the best customer satisfaction experience. In this way, it strengthens your customers' loyalty to your brand. It takes you beyond your competitors with Real-Time Customer Satisfaction Survey Devices.Producing information presentation panels (kiosks) with LCD screens, electronic message boards, nurse call systems and digital information displays, Emse saves personnel costs for businesses and adds value to businesses by increasing service quality.

Own the Future Technology with EMSE!
As Emse, we continue to produce both domestically and internationally with our vision and our view of the future, and we are pioneering the development of domestic technologies. You can contact us to take your place among our business partners and benefit from the privileged services we offer to our customers.